Inclusive Cities for All


European Capitals of Diversity 2023 reveal how to guarantee inclusion

Terrassa City Council is the Capital of Inclusion and Diversity 2023.

Cities lead the way towards inclusive wellbeing

There is no health without mental health. And there is no mental health without creating a friendly and inclusive environment for everyone, including marginalised and vulnerable people.

Small projects that change the (urban) world

The progress of a society may be born from the actions of people in small projects with social impact.

Mental health is under the local spotlight

According to Eurostat, EU cities are experiencing increased depression and anxiety disorders. It’s also alarming that suicide is among the leading causes of death among women and young people aged 15-25.

Amsterdam, Lille and Bologna tackle energy poverty

According to the European Parliamentary think tank, energy poverty is a multi-dimensional phenomenon caused by low income, high energy expenses, and poor energy efficiency in buildings.