EUROCITIES kicked off the political initiative ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ in early 2019 to show the cities’ contribution to a more cohesive and inclusive Europe starting from the local level. We are inviting mayors and deputy mayors to pledge to act on the principles of European Pillar for Social Rights in line with your city’s strategic objectives. If your city is already delivering inclusive social policies to achieve social rights, these efforts can be highlighted through a pledge to one of the principles of the Pillar. The first 21 cities presented their pledges at the European Parliament on 21 February.
Our initiative to collect as many city pledges on different principles of the EU social pillar continues throughout 2019 and 2020. Our goal is to build an inclusive Europe with inclusive cities for all people.
Is your city interested to join the initiative but missed the February deadline? Or is your city already one of the signing cities but you wish to sign a new pledge on another principle? Your city is very welcome to join this campaign and become a ‘champion city’ on the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Discover how to get involved here.

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