Inclusive Cities for All

Pledge 5 – Braga

  • City: Braga
  • Name: Firmino Marques
  • Position: Deputy mayor of Braga
  • Intro: We want to build a social city with all people and improve the quality of life of people aged over 50
  • Country: Portugal

On 9 January 2019, Braga became the 5th city to sign a pledge to the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Braga’s Mayor, Ricardo Rio, signed a strong commitment to principle 18 on long-term care.

Braga has 22.2% of its population over the age of 65. To combat isolation and promote social inclusion of the elderly, Braga commits to give everyone access to affordable long-term care services of good quality, in particular home-care and community-based services.

Braga will invest €10.5 million in affordable long-term care services in 2018-2024 (€1.5 million a year):

  • Care office for the elderly with information, home visits and a telephone helpline.
  • Senior Card for the elderly to access municipal services, cultural, sports and recreational activities.
  • Local community volunteer programmes with personal and social support to the socially isolated.
  • Housing support (exemption from municipal fees, technical support, repair of degraded housing).
  • Active ageing learning programme (Ciclo de Conhecimento).
  • Programme for the elderly to share their houses for free with university students (promoting intergenerational solidarity).
  • Programmes to enhance mobility and improve physical and mental health.
  • Partnership with Galicia to develop a cross-border community support network for the elderly (RedMay project).

Mayor Ricardo Rio stated: “A stronger social Europe is only possible with people. By making this commitment, we want to build a Social City with all people. We will consistently invest in creating new strategies and innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of people aged over 50. Working to increase inclusion, the sense of belonging, the use of material and immaterial space, we will bring a cohesive and inclusive Europe for all citizens”.