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Pledge 67 – Nantes

Pledge 67 – Nantes

  • City: Nantes
  • Name: Abbassia Hakem
  • Position: Deputy Mayor of Nantes
  • Intro: This pledge recalls meeting basic requirements is vital in this crisis. They are essential to creating a society for all
  • Country: Nantes

On 15 November 2021, Nantes signed a new pledge, in addition to the previous two pledges, this time on principle 20 of the European Pillar of Social Rights. Deputy Mayor Abbassia Hakem signed a commitment to secure access to essential services for everyone.


Nantes´ approach to tackling this principle includes the following priorities:


  • Developing a public service “from streets to housing”
  • Bringing together associations and citizen´s initiatives
  • Making social actions more proactive towards people in difficulties
  • Creating and supporting innovative projects that promote the inclusion for all and living together
  • Promoting access to leisure and culture for all


With these priorities in mind, Nantes is committed to investing over €26 million in the following concrete actions for social inclusion :


  • Make available facilities including 300 places in accommodation centres and a recently renovated day centre with a budget of €4million
  • Administrative domiciliation of 5,500 people to enable access to social rights and services
  • Create a network of social emergency stakeholders and provide training to volunteers in associations and citizen´s innovation projects
  • Develop a vision and practice of open governance that included the launch in November of 2021 of the “New Solidarity Conferences”, which are running until autumn 2022
  • Assist more than 10.000 households each year through social services, including mediators helping the most vulnerable population in digital procedures since June 2021
  • Offer a local intervention service for energy management to combat energy poverty.
  • Open the “5 Bridges” solidarity village with a total investment of €22 million, a facility that brings together a reception centre for people in very precarious situations, a day centre for families, 70 affordable housing units, and an urban farm and a solidarity market to promote integration through employment.
  • Continue offering the “carte blanche” scheme to more than 15,000 households each year to promote access to culture for vulnerable groups as a tool to fight social exclusion; with a budget of €600,000



With this pledge, Nantes conveys its commitment to offer the necessary services to ensure the full social inclusion of people in society and the labour market.