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Pledge 9 – Nantes

Pledge 9 – Nantes

  • City: Nantes
  • Name: Abbassia Hakem
  • Position: Deputy mayor of Nantes
  • Intro: We believe every inhabitant should be able to enjoy adequate housing that meets their needs
  • Country: Nantes

On 21 February 2019, Nantes became the nineth city to pledge to the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Deputy Mayor Abbassia Hakem signed a strong commitment on principle 19 on housing and assistance for homeless.

Nantes is committed to improve access to adequate housing by:

  • Building 5,000 new housing units each year.
  • Putting forward a housing offer made of 25% social housing and 25% affordable housing unit that can be bought.
  • Offering access to adequate housing for all inhabitants, including Roma and Travellers.

With these goals in mind, Nantes will invest in Housing First in 2019-2025 to provide:

  • 300 places in conventional social housing.
  • 100 places in transition centres.
  • 50 places in hospitality centres.
  • 150 places in a housing scheme for people with mental health problems.

Nantes is investing €1 million to fight homelessness through innovative measures such as by helping people living in highly precarious conditions to take part in the construction of their home while at the same time accessing measures for active support to employment and social inclusion (Igloo project).

Nantes’ Deputy Mayor Abbassia Hakem said: “Each inhabitant should be able to enjoy housing that meets their needs without being excluded from town centres and access to services. In Nantes, we are committed to make the principle of living together cohesively a reality and a constant goal for our city”.