Inclusive Cities for All

Pledge 24 – Poznan

  • City: Poznan
  • Name: Bartosz Guss
  • Position: Deputy Mayor of Poznan
  • Intro: Poznan is committed to protect our residents against housing exclusion
  • Country: Poland

On 29 August 2019, Poznan signed its committment to uphold principle 19 of the European Pillar of Social Rights, by protecting its residents against housing and social exclusion.

  • The city has developed a ‘score qualification system’ to define a list of applicants for social housing. The order of the persons on the list is the result of a multicriterial evaluation of the situation of these people, translated into a score. The system addresses all people at risk of homelessness, including new groups like single parents, young people.
  • Poznan has implemented a programme to provide housing assistance and social support for people in need. 154 families are benefiting from this help coordinated through non-governmental organisations for a budget of 505 732 euros.
  • Poznan has also introduced the programme ‘Studio flats for a senior’ (118 420 euros) is helping seniors to live in good housing conditions and with all the adequate social care services. During EUROCITIES working group meeting on ‘homelessness’, hosted by Poznan, on 1-2 October, members got a chance to exchange with some beneficiaries of those two innovative programmes.
  • The housing policy of the city of Poznan is also ensured through the construction of new social housing, renovation of old tenement houses and modernisation of health centres. The city is for instance working with the European Investment Bank for those works for a budget of around 41 million euros.

Bartosz Guss, Deputy Mayor of Poznan said: “Poznan creates conditions which provide the residents with the opportunity to meet basic housing needs in accordance with their own preferences, aspirations and economic capacity, using appropriate instruments of social policy”