Inclusive Cities for All



  • City: Frankfurt
  • Country: Germany
  • Population: 763380
  • Location: 50.1109|8.6821

In September 2020, Frankfurt joined Amsterdam’s initiative by signing a joint pledge, together with five other European cities,  reaffirming their commitment to the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR). Helsinki, Gijón, Utrecht, Frankfurt, Ghent and Amsterdam joined efforts to ensure equal opportunities (principle 3 of EPSR), because they believe that, especially in these unprecedented times of the pandemic crisis, every person has the right to equal treatment. To achieve this, the cities are committed to take bold actions.

The city of Frankfurt promotes the social development of urban development and the participation opportunities of people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods with the Frankfurt Programme – Active Neighbourhood.

  • This social-spatial approach responds to local needs by providing human and financial resources for projects and networking through district management.
  • The neighbourhood support systems and aid networks that have been set up in this context have been successfully used and expanded in the context of the crisis.
  • For different target groups, different new offers have been developed in different formats. For example, there were new digital offerings for children and young people, for needy families the supply of fresh food and activities for the home, for different target groups in the event of quarantine additional accommodation in hotels, for seniors and seniors low-threshold contact offers and also additional places in women’s shelters.





Principle 3: Equal opportunities