Inclusive Cities for All



  • City: Helsinki
  • Country: Finland
  • Population: 656,229
  • Location: 60.1708|24.9375

In September 2020, Helsinki joined Amsterdam’s initiative to sign a joint pledge to equal opportunities, reaffirming their commitment to the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR). Helsinki, Gijón, Utrecht, Frankfurt, Ghent and Amsterdam joined efforts to ensure equal opportunities (principle 3 of EPSR), because they believe that, especially in these unprecedented times of the pandemic crisis, every person has the right to equal treatment. To achieve this, the cities are committed to take bold actions.

The Covid19 has affected the young adults city of Helsinki by interrupting their work and education paths. Many young adults are not able to access working life, which may have long term implications. The unemployment situation was already relatively worrying before the covid-19 outbreak in Helsinki. Feelings of loneliness, mental health care challenges and lack of future positive prospects were increasing among youth during spring 2020. Social impact of the covid-19 on the youth needs proper assessment and evaluation.

Helsinki is preparing a Recovery Plan (updated regularly) which includes 3 themes: 1. citizen activity and trust; 2. enhancing entrepreneurship and 3. sustainable and agile city organization. The plan includes 10 baskets, one of which is on employment and education.

In terms of activating the unemployed youth, the city of Helsinki will:

  • Activate new methods for youth and unemployed in the business sectors that were severely hit by covid 19 ( creative industry, service sector, restaurants).
  • Shorten unemployment periods and hinder long term unemployment by guidance pilots.
  • Strengthen the skills of unemployed youth for the needs of the labour market

Although the State authority has an overall responsibility of the provision of employment services in Finland, the employment and guidance services of the city of Helsinki completes the measures provided by the State. The investment of the city of Helsinki for enhancing the current youth employment situation is worth 6 million euros.


Principle 3: Equal opportunities