• City: Zagreb
  • Country: Croatia
  • Population: 812 635
  • Location: 45.49|15.57596

On 16 October 2019, Zagreb became the twenty-seven city to sign a pledge to the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Milan Bandic, the Mayor of Zagreb signed a pledge to principle 3 “Equal opportunity” and to principle 16 “Healthcare”.

On principle 3, Zagreb is supporting policies and programmes promoting human rights by:

  • Co-financing the Law Clinic of Faculty, offering legal help to vulnerable person who are facing difficulties in exercising its legal rights.
  • Ensuring the rights for members of national minorities to be elected.
  • Supporting the activities of 35 religious’ communities.

On principle 16, Zagreb is working with health care institutions and patient associations:

  • To implement several free programmes budgeted of 500.000,00 EUR yearly such as “Preventive mobile mammography for women over 40”, “Prevention of cervical cancer”, “Programme for Promoting Breastfeeding Practices”.
  • To become the first Croatian dementia-friendly city, acting for a better life for its dementia patients.

The Mayor stated that “The City of Zagreb is convinced that the aforementioned principles will contribute to enable all citizens of Europe to live a life of human dignity”.

Principle 16: Health care
Principle 3: Equal opportunities